About UsersDelight?

UsersDelight provides tools to help you wow your users. It's an assortment of lightweight and intelligent widgets that go on your website or, mobile app to help you engage and grow your user base. We offer push messages (mobile only), notifications, coupons and survey/feedback widgets with a layer of intelligent filtering and analytic that helps you influence and understand customer behavior.

We have spent years in several organizations developing these tools again and again. Still, we could never really measure the impact of our work or, run various intelligent scenarios e.g. show this coupon only to users who have opened my app 5 times in last 30 days. With UsersDelight, all of it is available out of box. For developers, marketers and product managers, this is a huge time saver and value add.

About the Team

Rajat Garg


Rajat Garg, CEO

Rajat graduated from DCE followed by MS at Stanford University in 2005. As Product Manager at Amazon, he was responsible for conceptualization and launch of aStore, Amazon data feed and internationalization of various products. He has published couple of research papers as well as received a patent for his work that facilitated Amazon’s entry into corporate incentive market.  Rajat then worked as General Manager for Real Estate Business unit at a Seattle startup DataSphere, where he grew business several folds.

His interests include biking and flying Cessnas'