WordPress.org is an open-source content management system (CMS). If you want to create a website with WordPress then you have to host it somewhere. In other words, web hosting is required in order to launch a website. There are many different WordPress hosting solutions available, shared hosting and more advanced managed web hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is a better alternative for almost every WP website.

How to choose hosting for WordPress website

WordPress is huge, it powers millions of websites worldwide so it’s not surprising that WordPress hosts are popping up everywhere! How do you choose the best WordPress host though? Here are some things to consider when choosing which WordPress service to go with:


Generally speaking, WordPress hosting companies offer similar prices these days but there can be significant differences between pricing packages so if the price is your main criteria then this should narrow down your search. Popular WordPress web hosts include WP Engine, SiteGround, Kinsta, Bluehost, and GoDaddy just to name a few big ones! With WordPress becoming more popular than ever before, WordPress hosting is becoming more competitive too!

If you decide to go with a cheap web hosting solution, you will more than likely at some point migrate to a more expensive, secure, and performance-oriented web hosting company.


If you are serious about your website then uptime is definitely something to consider, this basically means that your WordPress site should be up and running 24/7. If WordPress takes hours or days to load for visitors on their site then they are likely to go somewhere else or leave a bad review on WordPress sites like wordpress.org so finding an uptime guarantee is always useful if you have high traffic WordPress websites. Research statistics show that users click away from slow-loading WordPress pages within just 3 seconds – not good for user experience!


This can often be overlooked when choosing web hosting companies but having access to WordPress support is invaluable for WordPress users. Things can go wrong with WordPress, you might get hacked, you might need to change some settings and WordPress hosting companies like WP Engine and Kinsta offer free WordPress support which is great if things go wrong (and they will at some point!)


This is a big one when it comes to WordPress hosting. Firstly, only use secure https encrypted websites on your WordPress blog or website! Always keep WordPress up to date so hackers can’t exploit bugs in the software – this includes plugins and themes too! As well as keeping WordPress itself up to date there are also security plugins available which you should run on your WordPress blog such as WordFence. Keeping WordPress secure is crucial these days as WordPress security issues are becoming more and more common.


Another thing to consider when WordPress hosting, backups seem like an obvious feature but some WordPress companies don’t offer them. If your WordPress host doesn’t offer backups then you’ll have to either do it yourself using cPanel/FTP or use a plugin for WordPress which might not be easy if you aren’t tech-savvy. As well as the backup feature itself, WordPress hosts should also provide detailed data of any backups they have made so you can check everything is being backed up correctly! Some WordPress hosts even allow restores from your backups too which again saves time!


This one ties in with WordPress uptime and WordPress load speed. If WordPress takes too long to load then people will click away from your WordPress website! That doesn’t mean that WordPress hosts should always offer the fastest WordPress hosting as many other factors can affect WordPress performance such as plugins, server specs, etc. In 2022 page speed is a ranking factor at least for Google. By choosing a premium web hosting solution will help to get better results in SEO.

Ease of use

You want simplicity when it comes to WordPress hosting! You shouldn’t be downloading software or running cPanel/FTP on your own computer to make changes to your WordPress blog as this could lead to mistakes and broken sites (and lost work!) – you should leave all that kind of stuff up to the professionals who know what they’re doing. Choose a host which offers simple, WordPress user-friendly WordPress hosting with plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials for WordPress beginners.


There are big price differences between WordPress hosting providers. If you have the budget to invest in a proper hosting solution, please do so. It will make your life easier. By choosing premium managed hosting, you will get more performance and security.

Cheap hosting plans start from 2 dollars (monthly) and the premium managed hosting solutions start from approximately 20 dollars (monthly). Choose the one that you think is the best web hosting solution for your website. You can always migrate your website to another web hosting company if it doesn’t meet your requirements. The migration process is easy. There are plenty of tools to help you with website migration.

So let’s take a look at three good WordPress hosting companies.

Top 3 best WordPress hosting services in 2022

There are many WordPress hosting services available and it might be difficult to choose the best hosting service for your need. Here is a list of three alternatives to choose from. They are all great. Kinsta and WP engine are in the same league in terms of pricing. SiteGround is a cheaper web hosting provider.

1. WP Engine

WP Engine is loved by developers for its powerful WordPress performance, great WordPress customer care and it has very good staging area. They have made a name in the WordPress hosting industry by being one of the few hosts to provide automatic backups, malware protection, staging environments, managed WordPress upgrades, cloud caching, SSL certificates & more. Their industry-leading WordPress performance is another reason why WP engine ranks highly on our list. WP Engine has hosted over 600k websites (including big names like Sony, Twitter, OkCupid) without incident. Why choose WP engine? If you’re looking for advanced WordPress features at an “affordable” price then this is it!


– Great performance for word press sites; automatic backups; malware protection; word press staging environment; cloud caching; free SSL certificates, etc.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround is an entry-level WordPress web hosting that’s great for small business blogs and websites. They offer one-click WordPress installation, shared or VPS WordPress plans, 6 data centers around the world, and a free Cloudflare CDN network with over 190 locations worldwide (making them one of the most reliable WordPress hosts). If you’re looking for reliable budget WordPress hosting then this would be a smart choice! Why choose SiteGround? If you want to learn WordPress or WP site development, SiteGround hosting provides tutorials and a WordPress knowledge base. They have free word press software for WordPress users such as word press caching plugin, Duplicator, WordPress backup to dropbox, WP rollback, etc.


– One-click WordPress installation; great price; automatic backups; WordPress malware protection included w/ all shared & cloud plans; FREE Domain name & transfer with annual billing; free SSL certificate with SuperCacher etc.

3. Kinsta

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service that’s growing rapidly. Their managed WordPress hosting is built on Google Cloud Platform which offers great speeds. Why choose Kinsta? If you’re looking for a reliable premium managed WordPress hosting solution with high performance and great support then this would be a smart choice! Kinsta is in the same price category as WP Engine.


– Reliable fully managed word press plans; 29 data centers around the world; extremely fast load times (powered by Google Cloud Platform); Cloudflare enterprise CDN; SSL certificates included. Kinsta is a hosting company that means business.

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