Welcome to our WordPress themes guide for beginners.

WordPress has been one of the best platforms for websites and we all know it is best due to its easily available themes which makes it very flexible and customizable. A WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a WordPress website. One can make their own best custom design using these themes with the help of WordPress.

What is the difference between free and premium WordPress themes?

WordPress itself is free. Anyone can download and install it for free and then create a beautiful website at no cost.

Free WordPress themes are themes that you can download from the WordPress theme directory. You can use these themes on your WordPress blog or website without any cost. Free WordPress themes can be downloaded, modified, and used on unlimited sites by the person who has downloaded the theme for personal or business use on a single site only.

Premium WordPress themes are themes that you have to purchase to download and use on your WordPress blog or a website. You will get full support of premium WordPress theme after purchase too. Premium WordPress themes cost between 20$ to 250$.

The best themes are premium (not free)

A good theme should provide many excellent features like responsiveness, easy management, customization, easy navigation, proper documentation, speed, clean code, and best design. The best themes are premium versions that you have to pay for.

Free themes are a good starting point if you want to build a simple minimalistic blog for personal use but a professional website should not use a free theme. Premium themes are much better in terms of customizability, design, and performance.

Page builder themes are good for beginners

By using a visual page builder is a more user-friendly way of building websites. You can see all the changes in real-time. These page builders are usually called front-end page builders. There are many high-quality page builders available, for example, Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

These page builders are good for beginners and for those who don’t know how to code.

Gutenberg and block based themes are fast

If you want the fastest website, in that case, a lean theme with less bloat would be the best solution for that. Gutenberg is the WordPress block-based website builder which is great for building websites that are focused on speed and simplicity.

Gutenberg is a good starting point but there are many good upgrades to Gutenberg blocks. Kadence theme has Kadence blocks builder which has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It might be the best block-based website builder for WordPress at the moment.

Astra and GeneratePress are also very good themes in terms of customization, speed, SEO and flexibility.

Themeforest themes are usually bloated

Many of the themes you can buy at Themeforest have too many plugins and other things (features) that can make the website slower. They are fully packed with features. In many times you don’t even need all of the features but they are integrated into the theme and you can not remove them without issues appearing. Themeforest has a huge amount of WordPress themes that are pretty good. They are good for beginners and for those who can find from Themeforest “the perfect” template to quickly launch a new website.

Not a single theme is perfect

Every WordPress theme has its pros and cons. You can find a great theme but there are always some things that could be better, in terms of features, customizability, SEO, speed, etc. Premium theme developers are continuously updating their themes to become even better. The most reliable solution is to buy a best-selling premium WordPress theme that has gotten good reviews and is still continuously being updated.

Tips for choosing a fast WordPress theme

There is not just one thing that you need to consider. You should think of many things because each one of them will influence your site’s performance.

Let’s start with the built-in features. How many of them does the theme offer? If it has just basic ones, then it probably will not be enough for your website. You should look for a template that offers more than just one post slider and contact form. That would be all right if you don’t want to do much with your website, but if you want to grow and expand it in the future, then you need more.

Another thing that may influence the speed is the number of plugins that your theme uses. I noticed that some themes load ten or even twenty additional plugins which make the site slower and slower…

So after checking built-in features and extra plugins, you should check the speed of your theme. You can find it by installing a free WordPress plugin called “Really Simple Speed Test”. After that, just enter your website’s address and the plugin will display how many seconds does it take for your site to load.

High-quality themes usually speed up your site and improve its functionality and SEO. A theme can be fast but choosing a good WordPress web hosting provider can make the site run even faster.