Tools We Provide You

Feedback Form

Integrate with your Website or Mobile App to collect user feedback to address their issues as well as identify growth opportunities.


Notification Bar

Show Notifications in your app or, as notification bar on your website to tell them about your latest product, features or, blog post


Coupon Popup

Give coupons to your customers visiting your website or, mobile app to increase sales


Mobile Push Notifications

Send Push Messages to users who have installed your Mobile app and get them back to engage with your App

Helping You Target User Smartly

  • Resource Center
    Learn about A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, Usability Survey, Click Heat Maps, Navigation flow charts and more

  • Easy Implementation
    Easy to integrate JS/SDK that takes you just 5 minutes to setup. You will never have to make any changes again.

  • Custom Audience Groups
    Create innovative custom audience groups based on user interactions within Website/Mobile app.

  • Real-Time Metrics
    In Depth Dashboards to measure performance of each of your campaigns in real-time

  • Deep Filtering
    Chose user segments based on their usage, location and several other parameters relevant to Mobile/Web usage.

  • Live Updates
    Switch campaigns on the fly as per conversion analytics, without having to update SDK again.

Creating 10x Impact on your Site and Mobile App

  • Get User Feedback
    Find out about issues your customers are having right away on web and mobile app. Get screenshots of web page as well.

  • Increase Sales
    Give coupons to highly engaged customers at the right time to increase your conversion rates and sales.

  • Increase Visibility
    Drive traffic to your new product or, blog entry by using notification bar. You can use in-app notifications on mobile as well.

  • Get 5 star reviews for Mobile App
    Ask your engaged users if they love your app. If they do, send them to app store to get their rating. Increase in rating by 1 star increases downloads by 30%.

  • Engage Mobile App Users to increase sessions by 3x
    Send targeted Push Messages to users who have installed your mobile app and re-engage them. A large gaming app sent timely messages to increase their page views by 3x.

  • Faster upgrade of Mobile App - 95% upgrade in 1st week
    Get users to upgrade by using a combination of push message and in-app notifications. A communications app used it to get 95% of their users to upgrade within 1 week vs an average of 90% over 6 weeks.

Making It Simple For Everyone To Achieve Goals



Integration is seemless and you don't need to make any ongoing code changes. Marketing folks can now show targeted Survey/Feedback, Notification & Coupons without having to bother you while you work on your core product development.

Product Manager

10x flexibility, speed and control in running various scenarios that you can think of - on the fly e.g. Give inactive mobile app users 10% off (who have not visited you app for more than 30 days) or, collect feedback from users who have been on your pricing page from a certain referral source.


Marketing Manager

Segment your customers and run specific offers e.g. ask users coming from social sites to share your content, tell them about new product launch/blog post using notifications or, send push messages to all your mobile app users in San Fracisco about the hot cab offer that lasts just today.


Sales Manager

Users who engage with you are excellent leads. Run specific offers to convert them online e.g. users who have come to your website/mobile app 10 times and have not bought anything can be given a particular offer that lasts only 1 day.